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Welcome to Chisinau

Chisinau is a nice old city where you can see lots of attractive things and spend a good time when coming here for a work trip or only visiting your old friends. A great amount of travellers come to this city every half a year. Maybe this month you'll decide to travel to MD and see how marvellous this town is in real time. Therefore you need to know some appropriate info about the city and ways of residing here. The most essential question that arises when a person arrives to an unfamiliar country or place is where to stop or stay for a night (in a hotel or furnished apartment in Kishinev). We can suggest you an enormous number of comfortable accommodations with all necessary goods and equipment. They are located in all sectors of the city and are definitely a good alternative to the staying at the hotel. Residing in your rent accommodation is a good opportunity to economize some dollars and to feel warmth and comfort of your own house. If you examine it once you will always select it. Our accommodations are located in all districts of the town and are equipped with all modernized appliances, such as kitchen stove, TV set, telephone communication, DVD, iron, washing machine and so on. You will definitely see the cosiness and pleasure of your own home here. Residing in a rent apartment has lots of advantages! For example you are able to do whatever you want: organise a special party for you and your friends, cook some appetizing meal, sing your favourite songs as high as you want and etc. And one more plus of rent apartment is that it will come you much cheaper than a Chisinau hotel room. To prove abovesaid I would like to notice that a nice two-room apartment in the centre of the city will cost you something about 65 usd (depending on accommodation design) but a typical room in the hotel will be more than 130 dollars per night. Now it's your choice whether to live in a hotel or lease an apartment! Or whether to appreciate comfort and cosiness of your own home or be bounded in a usual hotel room?

Having a tour about the globe is a fabulous time spending, you may inquire many places and be familiar with various other civilization. Lets travel at present into a lovely part of Eastern Europe Roumania. As every one nation it has its particular story, point of interests, folklore, cuisine and tourist centers. Romania customs goes far away to the early period and Dacians settlements. In our times Roumania is one of favored place for destination. As it has good and mild clime, Romania can be visited all year round. Rumania beach area is very common tourist attraction at the time of hot period, Roumania is washed by Black sea on the south. And in the north ski lodges are crowding with tourists in cold season of the year, they are situated on fantastic hills circled with splendid landscape. Plenty people on any occasion come to Transylvania to see old-fashioned settlements, magnificent towers, Dracula's Castle is very well known one. Roumania is famous with it palatable cuisine. Enjoy the original food and local wine. Go to see good restaurants, and check out night rest. One way to become acquainted with community, customs, other places and have a rest or holidays is having a tour all over Europe. Lets see at present in Europe, to a charming territory Romania. Country proposes a large number of choices for tourist attraction, such as past, panorama views, traditions, cuisine, and resorts area. Rumania custom comes from the old epoch of Dacians tribes. Today plenty of overseas tourists come to see. Because of Roumania pleasant clime it can be visited the whole year. On the beautiful beach of the Black Sea, that touches Rumania in the south, are fond most in a great demand seaside, attracted by tourists in hot period. And on the north, in grand mounts, ski centers are filled with tourists in cold season of the year. You probably were told about Dracula's Castle, it is Transylvania eyesight between antique villages and royal towers. Rumania cooking will give nice influence on you. Go to snack bars, try their savoury cooking and local drinks, see night-time rest of the city. Bucuresti is the capital and the biggest city in Romania, it is placed on the southeast of the country. It is main and a active city. Today lodgings start to be very common and requested in Bucuresti, because lots of guests enter to enjoy this area. In case you are searching for relaxation, good services and finesse, you are going to appear entirely at home in Bucuresti apartment. The inner design was made with liking and elegance in order to give you maximal rest. It is up to you select your rest. For you is given a big variety of flats. We can serve you with flats in centre not far from attractions, coffee shops, shopping area and active centre life, or you can take any other quiet city area. The prices will vary accordingly. So you can choose from 1room to 3 or 4 apartments, kitchen and living room is advantage of this flat, that you will not find in hotels. It is up to you to think for what time to stay, we accept all variants from 1 day to month etceteras. It is 45 - 80 Euro per day, with a reduction for a prolonged holiday and more persons. We please you with facilities at an high level. Do not be afraid to get in touch with us by e-mail, telephone or on our Internet site. Bucuresti, Romania's main megapolis and capital, is today a crowded metropolis. These days when a huge flow of people are coming to apartments Bucharest are well leased. We may guarantee you with excellent housekeeping and finesse, so you will appear to be like at home in our Bucharest accommodation. You will pass your rest wonderfully in these accommodations, as the furniture was made for your relaxation. You can choose where to stay, it can center of the city with it active life or quiet part of city nearby the centre. There is a large variety of rooms, from 1room to 3 of 4 apartments, a main prerogative of such lodgings in contrast with hotels is kitchen, living room and charge. The costs and deduction depend on which season you are wishing to rest, you can hire a flat for a day or two months or much more. The price is accordingly form 45 - 80 Euro a day. We will be happy to serve you to have amazing days in Bucharest apartment, reach us by e-mail, telephone or on our Internet site. Located not far from sea resorts, Bucharest is right city for living or passing free time. Its varied design and well priced property make Bucharest one of the best growing overseas property markets. Bucharest interests 64% of overseas investments. Buying rooms in this region is a good investment. Be ready to give from 80 000 Euro up to 300 000 Euro and high. It is never losing occasion to put money in a country with fine increasing capabilities and provide the chance to economize, payments are more than agreeable. Bucuresti situation is very advantageous and good place for making the most of life or passing your vacation. It is only several hours of drive from Bucharest to the sea area. Bucuresti is one of the first-rate overseas estates sales, due to it advantageous location, varied design and well charged property. Abt. 64% of foreign investments fall at real estate. For instant the charges for apartment differ from 70 000 EUR up to 350 000 EUR and much more. It is best opportunity to invest in the country with progressing capabilities.

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