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Indian Institute of Advance Study Shimla
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Indian Institute of Advance Study Society Shimla Reconstituted
Situated in the north west Himalayas at a height of 2205 mts is Shimla and at a distance of about five kilometers from the railway station and the ISBT, away from the din of commercial Shimla is the Indian Institute of Advanced Study. It becons to all those who have experienced its magnificent charm and aura.

The Indian Institute of Advanced Study is a prestigious research institute based in Shimla. It was set up by the Ministry of Education, Government of India in 1964 and it started functioning from October 20, 1965.

The Institute is administered by a Society and a Governing Body. The Society and Governing Body are currently headed by a distinguished scholar and an eminent historian Professor Bhalchandra Mungekar. The members of the Society and Governing Body are drawn from different walks of life. The Institute has a statutory Fianance Committee which includes representatives from the Ministries of Education and Fianance, to advise the Governing Body in financial matters.

The Institute is headed by a Director, who is assisted by a Secretary in administrative, financial and academic matters. There is also a Deputy Secretary (administration); a Librarian; an Accounts Officer; a Publication Officer; and a Public Relations Officer; and other supervisory and junior staff.

The Institute is financed primarily by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. It has some income from the sale of its publications; and the entry fee charged from the tourists. The annual expenditure of the Institute; which includes salaries, contingent expenditure, and maintenance of buildings and the library, is over five crore of rupees. The expenditure on academic programmes like fellowships, seminars, lectures and publications is provided in the Plan estimates of the Institute and varies from year to year.

History of Indian Institute Of Advanced Studies :
The First building to strike the eye when one comes up to Shimla by rail is The Viceregal Lodge or better known today as The Indian Institute of Advanced Study. The Building which had witnessed the most turbulent phase in Indian history-the slow coming of the Viceroys, their cloaks and ermine tippets to their their sudden and swift departure. It saw the change in its inmates from politicians and generals to professors and scholars.

The Institute which was housed in the building on 20th October 1965 grew to become 'an internationally recognized centre of high creativity and excellence'. It had its years of dormancy but after that it grew and is still growing to achieve new vistas and conquering new horizons.

Housed in the former Viceregal Lodge, it was built in 1888. The style of architecture is English Renaissance, the masonry of the walling is light blue limestone and the wrought stonework is done in sandstone in a beautiful light gray tint. It has magnificent lawns.  The entry in the institute is by ticket and only on Sundays the grounds are open for the public. 

On the 6th October, 1964 the Indian Institute of Advanced Study came into being as a Society created by the Government of India's Ministry of Education. The following year, on the 20th of October, the Institute was formally inaugurated at Shimla by the-then President of India, Professor S. Radhakrishnan. In accordance with his wishes the Institute aims at a free and creative inquiry into the themes and problems of life and thought. As a residential centre for research, it encourages creative thinking in areas of deep human significance. In this sense the Institute serves as a tribute to the memory of that great seer and profound scholar. The environment of the Institute is eminently suitable for academic pursuits - especially in select areas of the Humanities, Indian Culture, Religion and the Social and Natural Sciences. From time to time, other fields of research are added. As the nation's premier institution deliberating on these issues, today, the Institute provides facilities for advanced consultations and collaboration. It also has comprehensive library and documentation facilities.

Library of Indian Institute of Advance Study Shimla :
The Institute has a well-developed Library. It has grown into a most prestigious one in the country through tremendous efforts put into its making by a number of dedicated individuals like Shri B.S.Kesavan, then Director of the Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre, New Delhi. As Library Advisor to the Institute, he was able to place ten thousand volumes on shelves on the day of the Institute's inauguration on 20th October, 1965. The library's collection was soon enriched by acquiring the private collections of eminent scholars and organisations like the British Council, the Asia Foundation, and League of Arab Nations generous gifts of hundreds of rare phamplets and books. Later, the library obtained rare Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian texts and manuscripts containing miniature paintings.

Over the past about four decades of its existence, the Library has built up a collection of a little over 1.50 lakh volumes of books including around 40,000 back volumes of journals, microfilms and other documents. The present subscription list includes around 500 journals. The collection of the back volumes of the journals includes many reputed titles like Analysis, Journal of the Asiaitic Society of Bengal, Journal of the Bihar and Orrisa Research Society, Journal of the American Oreintal Soceity, Journal of Ganganath Jha Research Instittue, Mind and numerous other titles. While building up its collection, there has always been a conscious endeavour to maintain a balanced growth of collections. The collection consists of both the primary as well as secondary resources covering both the broad subject areas of research in Social Sciences and Humanities as well as highly advanced areas of interdisciplinary research like Science and Consciousness, Working of Mind, various facets of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Civilization, Postmodernism, Theoretical and Cultural Studies pertaining to Philosophy, Religion, Political Science and Sociology, Gender and Environmental Studies, Socio- Economic Planning and Development, Gandhian Studies, Islamic Studies, Applied Mathematics and the like. Currently, the main focus of the Library has been on filling up major gaps in the collection in the areas of research relating to Central Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia. During the past two years, the Library has acquired almost all the publications of more than 20 Institutions specializing in Indological Studies. Ever since its inception, the selection of books for the library has been careful, judicious and adequate as all the scholars in position have been actively engaged in the Book Selection process. In fact, majority of books and periodicals are acquired on the recommendation/selection of the scholars in position.

Contact Us :
Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla
Rastrapati Niwas
Shimla - 171005

Phone No : 91 - 0177 -bnhgnhb90
Fax No : 91 - 177 -2831390

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