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About Shimla
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About Shimla City:
The Shimla City is also famous for its natural beauty, architectural buildings, wooden crafts and apples. This historic hill city has witnessed many significant historical events in past, most prevalent of all was Shimla Pact between India & Pakistan which was signed here. A wonderful experience altogether, günstige Mietwagen had exceeded my expectations by offering exceptional service, it has got every variation to suit different minds of people, really amazed by its approach, its been my all-time favorite since then.

Shimla was named after Goddess Kali's name 'SHAYAMALA', whose temple was in situated in the dense forests of Jakhu hills, now better known as JAKHU Mandir. Blessed with natural beauty, SHIMLA was rewarded with the title "The Queen of Hill Stations", by Britishers. It’s sporting climate in summers & scenic views during winter snowfall makes it one of the most busy hill city. Well developed infrastructure & ample facilities for the tourists also makes Shimla, the most favourite biggest tourist attraction in India
The town of Shimla located at an altitude of 2,421m from sea level is built around several hill such as Jakhu, Prospect Hill, Observatory Hill, and Summer Hill. This main town is spread over the ridge measures about 12 km. The best season of the year here is autumn but the early spring runs a close second.
Culture of Shimla:
The original people of Shimla come from diverse races and tribes. In the present times, though a lot of modernization has taken place still the people of Shimla have kept up with the old traditions and customs. Although there is no official religion, Shimla is primarily a Hindu town. Shimla also has a small amount of Christians, and two leading churches where regular services are held.

Shimla is known for its cosmopolitan crowds, a variety of festivals and cultural activities. Shimla’s famous Summer Festival is celebrated on the main ridge “The Mall” every year during peak tourist season lasting 3-4 days. The popular artists from all over the country perform at this platform. Most of the heritage buildings in the city are preserved in their original tudorbethan architecture.

Shimla has also nurtured some famous personalities including English author Rudyard Kipling, Indian film personalities Preity Zinta, Amrish Puri, and Prem Chopra, economist Shahid Javed Burki and former general of Pakistan Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq who studied here. Prominent artist Sanat Kumar Chatterjee who's name figures in Guinness Book of World Records for making longest painting on silk lives in Shimla.

Economy of Shimla:
The economy of Shimla mainly depends on the revenue generated from travel and tourism industry and the agriculture and horticulture. The city attracts thousands of tourists not only from the country itself and abroad too.

The economy of Shimla is largely dependent on the growth of the small scale industries. The small scale industries in Shimla primarily include jute industry, leather industry, food processing industry, wood industry and the like.

The majority portion of the Shimla people are occupied in the tourism industry or employed in the administrative department of Shimla. A big chunk of population of Shimla has taken the occupation of travel agents, guides or a photography or is involved in tourism industry in one form or another.

Besides the above, Shimla has a number of health cares like the Indira Gandhi Hospital, Snowden Hospital that adds to revenue generation.

Geography of Shimla:
Shimla District lies between the longitude 77o-0" and 78o-19" east and latitude 30o-45" and 31o-44" north. It is bounded by Mandi and Kullu in the north, Kinnaur in the east, the state of Uttaranchal  in the south, Sirmaur, district in the west. The elevation of the district ranges from 300 to 6000 metres.  The topology of the district is rugged and tough. Shimla district derives its name from Shimla town which was once a small village. Shimla district in its present form came into existence from 1st Sept,1972 on the reorganisation of the districts of the state.

The green belt in Shimla planning area is spread over 414 hectares (1023 acres). The main forests in and around the city are that of pine, deodar, oak and rhododendron[11]. Environmental degradation due to the increasing number of tourists every year without the infrastructure to support them has resulted in Shimla losing its popular appeal as an ecotourism spot. Another rising concern in the region are the frequent number of landslides that often take place after heavy rains[8][13].

Climate of Shimla
The climate in Shimla is predominantly cold during winters, and moderately warm during summers. The temperatures range from 3.95 °C (39.11 °F) to 32.95 °C (91.31 °F) over the year. The average temperature during summer is between 14 °C and 20 °C, and between -7 °C and 10 °C in winter.

Monthly precipitation varies between 24 mm in November to 415 mm in July. It is typically around 45 mm per month during winter and spring and around 115 mm in June as the monsoon approaches. The average total annual precipitation is 1520 mm (62 inches). Snowfall in the region, which usually took place in the month of December has lately (over the last fifteen years) been happening in January or early February every year.

General Info:
Time Zone: IST UTC+5:30)
Area: 25 Km (10 sq mi)
Population: 163,000 (Year 2001)
Density: 120 /km (311/sq mi)
Municipal Commissioner: Shekar Gupta
Mayor: Sh.Sohan Lal

City Codes:
Pin Code:1710XX
STD code: 0177XXXXXXX
Vechile Reg No's: HP-03, HP-51

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